Supreme Junk Removal & Services provides a variety of state cleanout service options. When our professionally trained, uniformed, insured staff arrive they will bag, remove, load, clean-up and haul out all remaining unwanted items.

We will remove drapes, cleanout out closets, basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, whole house cleanout including the outside of the property. If needed, in some locations we provide handyman contractor services for general repairs and landscape services to insure the property looks ready for sale. Whatever your needs to clean out estates, Supreme Junk Removal & Services can provide.

Our job is to make the entire process as convenient, timely and efficient as possible. We are one of the premier estate cleanout companies in Boston and surrounding countries area. Just give us a call and allow our famly to assist you family!.


We offer services in Massachusetts until 25 miles to Downtown Boston, but we can attend to your special need, call us now 857-245-8160, we have a great solution!


Do you have a room or garage space that is beginning to look like a junk yard?
– Is there a giant heap of yard debris on your lawn?

A simple junk pick up can make a huge difference to your home’s appearance and value. Often we’re called to help residential homeowners clean their yards, attics, garages and basements as they prepare to display their home for sale.

Other times, we’re called for junk removal from a home or office just prior to moving. We also remove landscape debris. There is never a need to leave your junk curbside.

Supreme Junk Removal & Services will remove the junk from exactly where it’s located. Simply put, we come to your location, pick up your junk and haul it away. Our trained professionals will remove just about anything.

Our main priority is to reuse, recycle and donate your unwanted items. Call us 857-245-8160 today for a free estimate.


– Flooring Removal
– Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition
 – Sheds and Garage Demolition
– Concrete Removal and Disposal


– Commercial and Retail Building Strip Out

– De-Construction Services

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We do not differentiate between residential or commercial services. We mean it when we say we remove junk ANYWHERE. We take any useless junk you want to throw away.


Bed Load Pricing

Bed load pricing is used for heavy weight or dense weight materials. This typically includes stone, soil, bricks, concrete, roofing material, sheet rock, tile, etc. Price is based upon material volume 12”-18” off the bed of the truck in height, 8’ wide and ¼, ½, ¾ or the full bed space of a 14’ long bed.

At Supreme Junk Removal & Services, price estimates include the following:

– Volume (space) and weight of items to be removed
– Labor costs for pickup and cleanup
– Eventual destination of removed items
– Off loading fees
– Recycling issues
– Fuel costs
– Insurance

Environmental Disposal Fee (additional) to remove the following items:

– Air conditioner $10.00
– Freezer $10.00
– Refrigerator $10.00
– Tire (auto): $25.00
– Tire (truck): $25.00
– Tv any size: $35.00
– Paint: $25.00
– Add Matress: $35.00
– Sorry, we cannot remove gas, oil, hazardous chemicals.

Pricing Exceptions

Piano: First Floor $275.00, Basement $375.00
Garden Tractors: $245.00
Carpet: Labor to pull-up carpets charged at $70.00/per standard size 10’ x 12’ room
Location Access: A surcharge of $80.00/hr. per pick-up will be added for removals that are above the second floor or when parking is not available in front of the property.