SUPREME JUNK REMOVAL is a full operated junk removal business, we also offer demolition services including the clean outs, for residential homes or apartments, commercial building, and any business locations.  

Some of our customers just want a basement cleanout; others have a specific project, such as piano removal, renovation debris, wood shed removal or a hot tub removal.  We remove it from yards, attics, construction sites and basements. It does not matter the place or time; SUPREME JUNK REMOVAL is just one call away 857-245-8160 or a click way.

WE remove your junk in an eco- friendly way!


We take all sorts of junk – furniture, appliances, tires, electronics, mattresses and more.  Everyone has junk, so here is a list of what we take:

– Yard Debris
– Play sets
– Carpeting
– Wood Burning Stove
– Ride Mowers
– Remodeling and Construction Debris
– Books
– Pools
– Drywall

– Sheds
– Moving/ Downsizing
– Refrigerators
– Sofas
– Tables & Chairs
– Household Junk
– Tires
– We take appliances, furniture, electronics and much more.

Overall, we remove ALL and ANY type of junk, apart from hazardous waste. If you any question in what we take, do not hesitate to call, text or email us.

We cannot dispose of these items:

– Asbestos
– Batteries
– Biological waste
– Containers full of liquid
– Containers full of paint

– Feces
– Fuel
– Gas cans
– Gas or oil
– Junk cars

– Junk trucks
– Medical waste
– Propane tanks
– Solvents
– Thinners


Why should I use Supreme Junk Removal?

We may not be big, but we are special; We’re professional, efficient, safest, friendliest.

What you remove for me?

We’ll help you with almost anything. We’ll take old furniture, used appliances, computers, televisions, tools, yard waste, construction refuse, air conditioners, mattresses, tree limbs and machinery, to name just a few. For a comprehensive list, click here.

What waste they do not accept?

Disposal of certain hazardous or environmentally unsafe materials is strictly regulated by federal, state and local laws. For a complete listing of prohibited items, click here.

Do you charge for estimate?

No, it is always free.

Do I have present for you to do a removal?

Not necessarily, but debris needs to be left outside.

Is my location in your service area?

If you’re in the Greater Boston area, you’re in our service area. Area Services We offer services in Massachusetts until 25 miles to Downtown Boston, but we can attend to your special need, call us now 8572458160, we have a great solution!

How can I determine the price?

After you contact us, we will talk within half an hour to listen to your questions and concerns and to estimate the cost of the job. Go to PRICES now! Our prices are based on a full or partial (half, quarter, 2/3rds)

How can I pay?

We accept credit card, debit card, personal check, or cash.